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Assistant Vice President

Data Strategy Group


Stella is a Senior Data Analyst in the Data Strategy Group. Based in the Singapore office, she is one of our data stewards that manage GIC’s databases, ensuring data is credible and of high quality.

Outside of work, Stella is an ardent foodie and goes on regular food hunts to satisfy her endless cravings. She understands the importance of taking meaningful breaks to keep her mind clear. After a good weekend spent with her friends and loved ones, she comes back to work refreshed and recharged.

Why did you decide to join GIC?

My previous work experience is very different from my current role as I was doing trade execution, settlements, and transfers. What made me decide to join GIC as a data analyst were the skills that I would be able to develop—being analytical, having sound judgement to make decisions, and problem-solving. A career as a data analyst calls for these attributes and will challenge me to grow professionally.

Organisational culture is an important aspect I look for in a career. We spend the bulk of our time at work, thus it is imperative that I enjoy the environment that I am in. During my interview process, the hiring managers and human resources team were very approachable. They patiently provided comprehensive answers to all my questions and made me feel very comfortable throughout the interview sessions. I always believe that a good culture, which fosters teamwork and inclusivity, will translate to a positive work environment and mindset to achieve greater things. I had a gut feeling that this will be a good fit for me, and the rest is history.

What does your typical workday look like?

I always start the day with a hearty breakfast as I really need my carbs to kickstart the day! After which, I manage the daily operations of the enterprise data warehouse—focusing on data quality checks and user queries—and work on my projects.

I always look forward to lunch the most. I have a box filled with food options around the area and I decide on what to eat for the day by drawing lots. I strongly advise everyone to try this method to save yourself the headache from deciding what to eat every day.

What do you like most about working here?

Even though I have been in this role since 2017, there is still room for me to learn and grow. It really helps that work is interesting and keeps me constantly engaged! At GIC, I am given the opportunity to drive impactful and challenging projects. When it was my first time taking on a large-scale migration project, my team supported me along the way to set me up for success.

On the diversity, equity, and inclusion front, GIC has made significant efforts to advance this agenda, and it feels good to work for an organisation that does so. We have been including employees with disabilities and providing them with an equal opportunity. I recall reading an article on our intranet about an intern who is on the autism spectrum, and he commented on how well he worked with his team.

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

The first few months were a steep learning curve in terms of understanding the business, the database users, and the acronyms. I received a lot of guidance from my seniors and team lead to get through some of the bumps and everything improved with time and experience.

If I had to choose just one skillset, it would be resilience. We are frequently confronted with production issues in the course of our work, and many of them necessitate a quick turnaround. With each problem and experience, I feel better equipped in terms of knowledge and confidence to deal with whatever comes my way.

What you should know before joining GIC

Gear up and be prepared to work hard. Things may or may not become easier with time, but the variety of lessons and skillsets available here will undoubtedly be rewarding.