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Senior Vice President

Technology Group


Listia is the Principal Project Manager for Public Markets Solutions at GIC’s Technology Group (TG), where she leads a team that manages the regulatory post trade compliance system and Fixed Income/Foreign Exchange order and trade management system. The latter is a critical system used by portfolio managers, traders, investment operations, compliance, and risk teams within GIC.

She spends a lot of time engaging stakeholders, the technology community of specialists, business analysts, developers, and solution architects to develop solutions, identify improvements, and increase our systems’ resilience.

As a mother of two, she spends most of her time with her family and coaching her children. We chatted with Listia recently about her ongoing 15-year GIC journey.

Why did you decide to join GIC?

A recruitment agency first informed me about this job opportunity. I chose GIC because the company’s mission and vision impressed me. During the interview, I also had the opportunity to meet the team, and I liked the warm, fun-loving, and close-knit atmosphere.

When I first started, I led small projects and interacted directly with stakeholders and other senior counterparts. I was given a lot of autonomy over my work even though I was the most junior in the team, but at the same time, given enough guidance when necessary.

GIC is fast-paced, exciting, and offers numerous learning opportunities; it is not as hierarchical and mundane as I had imagined before joining.

What does your typical workday look like?

As a project manager, I manage projects and oversee the day-to-day operations of the systems under the team’s care. I engage stakeholders quite a lot, collaborating closely with project teams to deliver robust and high-quality projects, and developing roadmaps and technical strategies.

We usually have team lunches at various locations near the office. If we are under restrictions, we pack and eat our lunches in the office pantry, or in smaller groups instead.

What do you like most about working here?

The best part of my job is the sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing that I play a part in ensuring a smooth investment process within GIC, which contributes to GIC’s mission of preserving and growing Singapore’s reserves. Managing a critical trading and settlement system can be stressful at times, as any issues could result in financial losses for GIC. However, delivering a smooth project on the critical system with minimal issues is very fulfilling and rewarding given the high benchmarks.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are manifestations of our corporate values of Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit, and Excellence (PRIME). Our approach to work is deeply rooted in mutual respect and a clear sense of purpose. Some of GIC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives include The GIC Women’s Network series and collaborations with our partners to organize events and career workshops for women in the firm.

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

I began my career as a junior analyst at GIC and have since advanced in my career. At GIC, I learned technical skills, business domain knowledge, and soft skills. Besides on-the-job training, GIC offers a wide range of in-house and external courses, and staff are encouraged to sign up for programs that are relevant to their personal and professional goals.

Technology Group has a Mentorship Program to help Technology Group employees succeed professionally. I was able to hone my talent development skills, gain invaluable insights, and develop new perspectives from my mentee, who was from a different division within TG.

What you should know before joining GIC

Always keep an open mind as there will be many learning opportunities and GIC is continuously adapting and reviewing our processes in preparation for the future.