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Assistant Vice President

Private Equity


Rohan is an Assistant Vice President in the Private Equity Department in the New York Office. He is an integral member of the Direct Investment Group which focuses on investments in high quality, stable businesses with competitive moats, and attractive growth profiles, in North America.  

Outside of work, Rohan pursues several hobbies such as running, sports, travel, and numismatics. 

What is your perception of GIC before joining and has it changed?

Being a government-linked asset manager, GIC is respected for its scale but is also sometimes thought of as a potentially hierarchical or bureaucratic place to work. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how nimble and diverse our teams were, and how juniors were encouraged to speak up from Day 1 and contribute to decision-making. 

Why did you decide to join GIC?

Prior to GIC, I was at a management consulting firm in Singapore focused on clients in the financial services industry. However, I have always had an interest in investing, and was excited by the opportunity to join GIC’s Private Equity Department in Singapore in 2018. As an organisation, GIC uniquely satisfied my desire to pursue a career in investing, while at the same time working towards the bigger purpose of securing Singapore’s financial future. Finally, I did not fully appreciate the value of GIC as a truly global organisation, until I transferred to our New York office in 2022. 

What do you like most about working here?

I relish the constant flow of new investment opportunities to evaluate, thanks to our unparalleled networks and access within the Private Equity industry in North America. Best of all, I can pursue my passion for investing alongside highly motivated, like-minded individuals who share in GIC’s PRIME (Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit & Excellence) values. 

What has been the most interesting or exciting project that you have worked on?

The GIC deal team initially worked independently to assess an investment in the carve-out of a large insurance broker from a U.S. bank, but subsequently paired up with one of our leading GPs (General Partners). 

This investment was exciting due to the complexity of the business, and its anticipated carve-out and separation from the Parent Company. 

Overall, it was a three-month diligence process, that led to one of GIC’s larger Private Equity investments in the U.S. in Financial Year 2022/2023! 

What you should know before joining GIC

Understand the differences in the purpose and the business model between a large Sovereign Wealth Fund like GIC, versus ‘typical’ Fund Managers or General Partners, and how this might impact our investment strategy. 

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