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Managing Director

Public Equities​


Jen is a Portfolio Manager in the Global Active Equities team with the Public Equities department based in the London office. Together with her team, they focus on the developed markets while her primary focus is on companies in the Consumer and Communication sectors. Additionally, she is a member of her team’s Portfolio Advisory Group, where she assists in implementing the investment philosophy and process as well as managing risk exposures. 

When she is not working, Jen likes to spend time with her two young boys and engage in activities such as exercising, photography, and being in nature. 

Why did you decide to join GIC?

When I learnt about the opening, I sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of GIC’s investment approach, cultural values, and employee treatment. I was particularly impressed by the company’s gender diversity in investment roles, which far exceeds industry standards. This not only demonstrated a commitment to gender diversity but also a clear follow-through. 

As a mother of young children, it was crucial that my next job would not only fulfil my career goals but also respect my family priorities. Prior to accepting the offer, I spoke with several women at GIC – including working mothers, to understand their lived experience at the company. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive, and I felt confident that GIC would be an excellent place to work.  

What does your typical workday look like?

After enjoying my morning coffee (an oat milk flat white, please!), I typically begin my day by catching up on company and macro news, as well as any updates shared by our overseas team members. Our global team sits in three regions – Singapore, London, and New York. We hold both regional, and sector focused meetings to discuss and evaluate various investment ideas. During these meetings, we engage in lively debates about exposure, sizing, and the overall health of the businesses and industries under consideration. I also schedule calls with analysts or industry experts to gain deeper insights into specific business drivers and challenges. It is also crucial for me to have dedicated time for processing information, absorbing key learnings, and working on industry or company reports. To maintain focus and reset my mind throughout the day, I make sure to take short breaks. These breaks may involve a brisk walk around the block, changing my work environment, or listening to different genres of music (I find Binaural Beats particularly helpful for maintaining focus). 

What do you like most about working here?

GIC attracts exceptional individuals who are not only intelligent and diligent but also genuinely kind-hearted. The company provides access to a wide range of opportunities across various asset classes, further enhancing the overall experience. 

Since joining the company, I have been pleasantly surprised by the blend of professionalism and warmth within our organisation. The level of corporate access has exceeded my expectations, and I have been delighted by the exceptional opportunities I have had to enhance my skills as an investor, colleague, and individual. 

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

The global reach and corporate access offered by GIC were particularly attractive to me. Being part of a large and influential organization grants us the opportunity to interact with top management teams of the companies we research. These interactions not only enhance my understanding of macro and micro factors but also allow me to meet executives from various industries, further enriching my knowledge and insights. Despite having 15 years of experience as an investor prior to joining GIC, I knew that my skillset would significantly expand with such extensive reach. 

Furthermore, I am constantly learning from the talented individuals around me and have had the opportunity to undergo professional training that has contributed to the growth of my skillset. For instance, I was invited to speak at an external event last year and received invaluable speaker training as part of the preparation. I am almost twenty years into my career, and the love of learning remains just as vital today as it was on day one.

What you should know before joining GIC

I have always held the belief that to thrive in one’s career, it is essential to maintain an open mind regarding both strengths and challenges. Being curious and having a thirst for knowledge, coupled with the discipline to analyse and apply what has been learned, are crucial attributes. At GIC, there is no better platform to foster learning, personal development, and the refinement of skills.