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Senior Vice President

Public Equities​


Daman is an integral member of the Public Equity Department base in our New York Office. As a portfolio manager in the Global Active Equities team, he manages GIC’s investments in publicly traded equities of technology companies in developed markets globally.  

Outside of work, he spends time religiously in the gym, on tennis courts and ski slopes and his 7-year-old son often joins him in these activities. His son has also introduced him to chess and now he is an active member on He also enjoys going on travel adventures with his family.  

As an admissions ambassador to his alma mater, University of Pennsylvania, he also helps with admissions interviews for candidates. 

Why did you decide to join GIC?

I have been a huge admirer of GIC. Before joining, I saw GIC as one of the largest and most respected sovereign wealth funds in the world, that invests globally across asset classes. Additionally, I have always had a lot of respect for GIC’s impressive long term investment record of accomplishment and the firm’s exceptional talent base. 

There were several reasons why I was interested to join GIC. Firstly, GIC is a globally recognised sovereign wealth fund with a compelling reputation for excellence in investments. GIC provides an unparalleled platform to gain exposure to a wide range of asset classes and geographies, and work with the brightest minds of the industry. Secondly, GIC is a caring organisation that goes out of the way to develop its employees through international and cross-asset class assignments. Finally, there is a purpose beyond financial returns to making a positive impact on society.  

I have had a wonderful experience working at GIC and my perception of the firm was enhanced after joining. The firm beats my expectations on all fronts each subsequent year. The reason is that GIC is humble and has been relentless in its efforts to improve on every dimension to be the leading global long-term investor. While GIC has always had an exceptional talent base, I see that improving even further every year. As a passionate investor, I find it extremely rewarding to work with the brightest in the industry. In addition, GIC has provided me with extremely exciting opportunities and responsibilities cutting across asset classes and geographies to make a meaningful impact. 

What does your typical workday look like?

My typical day involves catching up on the market developments across the world impacting the technology sector. A significant amount of time is spent thinking about one’s view of the world, refreshing it continuously, and assessing the impact on the portfolio. This helps inform the trade decisions. To get primary insights, I spend time meeting company management teams, industry experts, intermediaries, and sell-side research firms. Given GICs collaborative culture, some time is also spent on investment ideas in various forums.  

At any time, I am also involved in a couple of organisational projects which may cut across asset classes and geographies. This provides opportunities to have a wider impact on the firm beyond your immediate team. 

What do you like most about working here?

GIC has a keen sense of purpose beyond financial returns. I value its supportive and collaborative culture and emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.  

I enjoy investing and working alongside exceptionally bright colleagues. I appreciate the collaborative environment as well as the opportunities and challenges. Every day is a learning experience for me, and this helps me grow both professionally and personally. GIC enables me to build a rewarding investing career spanning multiple asset classes, multiple geographies, and making significant impact.  

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

GIC has provided me with spectacular opportunities that I do not think any other organisation can match. I was one of the founding members of the local private equity business in India in 2010. After 7 years, I crossed the “Chinese Wall” and moved to Singapore to focus on investments in the technology sector globally in public equities. After having spent 5 years in the Singapore Office, I had the opportunity to relocate to our New York Office to engage more deeply with the US companies, given the outsized importance of this region on the technology sector. Over the last 13 years with GIC, I also had the opportunity to work at one of our General Partners in London and San Francisco for a few months to widen my knowledge in technology. Through-out my career with GIC, the annual pilgrimage to the headquarters in Singapore has ensured continuous training and development, and inculcation of GIC culture.  

What you should know before joining GIC

If you are passionate about investing, GIC provides an exceptional platform for you to be the best you can be. To build a long and successful career at GIC, you need to have the right aptitude and attitude. You need to be bold in your conviction, yet humble at heart and you need to think long term.  

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