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Yu Xin

Assistant Vice President

Real Estate​

Yu Xin

Yu Xin joined GIC through our GIC Scholarship Programme and has been a part of the Asia Strategic Investments Group with the Real Estate Department. Our real estate assets span multiple property sectors, including traditional office, retail, residential, industrial, and hospitality; and newer economy sectors such as data centres, life sciences, and healthcare properties. The Asia Strategic Investments Group seeks investment in funds and co-investments, credit, Southeast Asia direct investments, as well as tactical opportunities and thematic strategies across Pan-Asia.  

Outside of work, Yu Xin likes to challenge herself such as taking part in half-marathons. She also takes time to attend spin classes as this helps her to take her mind off work after a long day! 

What does your typical workday look like?

My scope involves Investment Management and Asset Management. In Investment Management, I am responsible for identifying and analysing potential real estate opportunities, building financial models, and conducting market research and due diligence. We collaborate with various stakeholders to negotiate the deals, structure partnerships, secure financing, and evaluate if the deal would generate good risk-adjusted returns.  

My work does not end here. As part of asset management, we maximise the value of real estate assets through executing the business plan and evaluating the best time to divest to crystallise good returns. Asset management also helps improve our underwriting for new investments, therefore both investment and asset management roles are complementary. 

What are the top three attributes you look for in your career?

I would say that top three attributes I seek in my career are exposure, personal growth, and purpose. GIC checks all the boxes! 

GIC is a leading investment institution across multiple geographies and invests across a wide range of asset classes. During my time in GIC, I had the opportunity to rotate to Economics & Investment Strategy, and Risk & Performance Management Department as part of the GIC Professionals Program. Within real estate, we also invest across various geographies and sectors, and across the capital stack. This offers great exposure for young professionals who are just starting out in his/her career. 

Due to the wide exposure that GIC offers, there is never a boring day at work. Each investment comes with a different risk profile and its own set of challenges / learning points. I feel constantly challenged at work, and this results in personal growth and development. 

Lastly, GIC has a clear purpose to manage Singapore’s foreign reserves and to preserve and enhance Singapore’s purchasing power over the long-term. This gives meaning to my work. In GIC, we are shaped by our core values: PRIME (Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit & Excellence). These values guide our actions and decisions as we work towards doing better for Singapore. 

Did you perception of GIC change after joining?

I have heard that GIC is a reputable long-term global investor and has an excellent work culture.  

My perception was accurate. The staff culture is friendly and inclusive. Junior employees are empowered to make decisions and are encouraged to share our thoughts. This creates a collaborative atmosphere where diversity of ideas is embraced.  

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

GIC places great emphasis in supporting learning and professional development for its employees. Staff are encouraged to sign up for courses (e.g., CFA), or attend financial seminar that are relevant to your role. When I graduated and joined the GIC Professionals Programme, I remember that my first few weeks were filled with workshops, talks and pitching cases. This equips us with the skillsets that help us excel in our work.  

What you should know before joining GIC

GIC provides many opportunities for those who are willing to learn, and a supportive environment that encourages personal growth and professional development. Stay curious, humble, and open-minded!