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Assistant Vice President

Fixed Income & Multi Asset


Kenneth is an Assistant Vice President at the Credit Research and Strategy Team within GIC’s Fixed Income Department. He is responsible for covering companies within the Energy and Utilities sectors mainly in the Asia Pacific region and providing recommendations to portfolio managers. His role involves staying on top of the latest sector and corporate developments, as well as their implications on corporate fundamentals, financials, and bond valuations.

Due to work-from-home measures in place, Kenneth makes it a point to take extended walks and runs for fresh air, as well as connect with friends over the weekends.

Why did you decide to join GIC?

During my junior college years, I was fortunate to be offered the GIC Scholarship, which I had applied for at the time. The scholarship provided me with an invaluable opportunity to pursue my undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad, as well as to intern in one of GIC’s investment teams. Because of its size and global reach, I believe GIC offered a great platform for me to hone my knowledge and sharpen my skillsets in the world of finance and investment management.

What does your typical workday look like?

I usually start my day by catching up on overnight sector developments, news flow, and emails on the credit markets and companies under my coverage. I conduct research on industry developments and keep a lookout for attractive investment opportunities.

If there is a new bond issuance or a deal announced, I’d join the investor calls to engage with the companies. I would spend the rest of the day to follow up on further credit work and due diligence if there is a new submission or an initiation in the works. Several days are also accompanied by global team and cluster meetings.

What do you like most about working here?

Covering a set of companies requires me to keep abreast with all the developments (macro, industry, corporate) and thoroughly analyse their widespread implications on corporates, which is something I enjoy and find intellectually rewarding.

Analysts like me benefit from GIC’s platform and reputation, which provides us with broad access to the sell-side, rating agencies, and management teams. Also, being able to work with capable colleagues in a collaborative environment is highly valuable, which helps to facilitate an exchange of viewpoints.

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

In my current role as an analyst, we are organised into clusters based on the sectors we cover, which provides invaluable opportunities to share knowledge and exchange opinions about markets and outlooks with highly experienced colleagues who cover the same sectors, but for different companies in different geographies.

Most of my learning happens on the job, with insights gained from conference calls, and our access to rating agencies and corporate management. Our colleagues are also very open to discussing any queries we may have or seek a second opinion on. GIC also offers a robust learning platform for recent graduates, with the well-curated GIC Professionals Programme, which consists of three rotations across various departments at GIC. This exposes us to diverse asset classes as well as the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across GIC.

What you should know before joining GIC

Given its reputation and extensive reach across multiple locations and asset classes, GIC is an excellent platform for advancing your career in a collaborative environment. The work we do at GIC has a significant impact on Singapore’s financial future and beyond. Be nimble, keep an open mind, and possess a keen desire to improve in your areas of expertise.