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Risk & Performance Management Department

Our team is responsible for the independent assessment, measurement, monitoring, and reporting of GIC’s market, credit, and operational risk profiles.

We work collaboratively across teams to help guard against blind spots and ensure that all relevant risks are considered and duly addressed.

We partner and work closely with the risk-taking teams. Playing the role of a second line of defence to the primary risk-taking units, we provide “checks and balances” through day-to-day risk oversight, giving an independent challenge, and a well-rounded perspective of risk at the enterprise level.

What You’ll Do

Enterprise Risk & Performance

We provide an independent and objective view of investment risk and performance drivers of the GIC Portfolio.

Investment Risk & Performance

We provide an independent and objective view of investment risk and performance drivers of GIC’s active strategies.

Credit Risk

We ensure that GIC deals with financially sound and reputable counterparties.

Operational Risk & Monitoring

We ensure that appropriate and adequate business processes and internal controls are in place to ensure smooth operations in GIC.

Analysis & Reporting

We independently deliver accurate, informative and timely risk and performance numbers to our stakeholders.

Risk Infrastructure

We deploy state-of-the-art data and systems required for all aspects of risk and performance analysis and reporting.


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Headquartered in Singapore, GIC is one of the three investment entities in Singapore that manage the Government’s reserves, alongside the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Temasek. We manage most of the Government’s financial assets, investing for the long-term with an aim to preserve and enhance the international purchasing power of the funds placed in our care.

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