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Senior Vice President

Technology Group


Samantha heads up the Director’s Office at the Technology Group, where she oversees Business Management, Project Governance, and Change Management. With people at the forefront of Technology Group’s mind, Sam’s role is to ensure that technology changes are executed and implemented well. This includes ensuring that the project management framework and governance is robust, and that impacted business users are well-informed. Her responsibilities also include managing the business affairs of Technology Group, including people engagement activities and technology-related events.

Outside of work, Sam spends most of her time with her young family of two boys and her “dogter”, a mini labradoodle! She’s also devoted to finding and feasting at the best hotpot restaurants in Singapore and as a result, has had to restart her Pilates regime.

Why did you decide to join GIC?

A combination of two factors:

  1. GIC has a remarkable mandate – one that I am very proud to be part of, especially because I am Singaporean!
  2. I’ve been working in the field of technology for quite a while now and the prospect of joining a company that wants to be tech-driven was a real lure for me.

What does your typical workday look like?

On the days I work from the office, it is typically utter chaos in the morning between getting the toddler ready for school, keeping the baby safe, and getting ready for work. Calamity reigns on the drive into work, where I get to sing terribly and loudly in traffic after drinking too much coffee.

I’m usually in meetings for most of the day, but I always make time to check in with my team – whether it’s for lunch, coffee, or a quick chocolate break.  

I usually block out an hour of power to keep on top of my emails though I typically attend to them on the move.

If I can, I’ll try to finish my day by 6pm to put my children to bed – they go to bed by 7.30pm! After they are safely tucked in, I catch up on work at my own time after dinner – I love this quiet time and am especially productive!

What do you like most about working here?

Working with some of the best and brightest! I love brainstorming solutions to problems or coming up with ideas on how we can make things better, faster, or more intuitive. I also love my team; they are wonderful people with whom I enjoy working.

Having a sense of accomplishment. I have a love-hate relationship with events and projects because I tend to obsess over every last detail. That said, at the end of it all, I’m always so pleased with the outcome and chuffed with the efforts of my team!

Respect and support. I’ve successfully nursed my two kids for 12 months because of the flexibility and facilities that GIC provides me. I’ve never felt disadvantaged as a woman working in technology and becoming a parent during my time at GIC. People have always been respectful and empathetic, and as a new parent, I have enjoyed commiserating with both my male and female colleagues about the ups and downs of parenthood.

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

Exponential. I have learnt so much in GIC, not only from the generously funded training courses, but also from my colleagues, and our GIC leaders. Aside from certifications, GIC regularly hosts guest speakers across all businesses and functions so that employees can grow and learn holistically—from investments to technology and mental health awareness topics.

What you should know before joining GIC

Keep an open mind and be eager to learn about GIC and its nuances so you can apply your skills and add value in a meaningful way. We often carry expectations from previous organisations and expect the new one to operate in a similar fashion.

Get excited about learning because there is so much to learn and grow from. There is an abundance of knowledge available from people to training courses. Having an open and inquisitive mind will be extremely beneficial too!