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Assistant Vice President

Human Resource & Organization Department


Phionna is an Assistant Vice President in the People Analytics & Solutions team within the Human Resources department at GIC. In her role, she partners with other HR teams to draw deep insights from our people data for robust decision-making. Most recently, she has been seconded to a Data Science Team in the Technology Group to broaden her exposure to technology in GIC. Phionna has been with GIC for over three years. 

Outside of work, Phionna enjoys picking up new hobbies just to keep things fresh. She is an avid fan of Rhythmic cycling classes and has even bought a spin bike for her home. Her new year’s goals are to finally learn how to ride an actual bike, and to pick up a new language. 

Why did you decide to join GIC?

I first discovered the GIC Scholarship while looking for an opportunity to further my university studies abroad. I was eager to study abroad as I felt it would enable me to broaden my horizons in terms of academic specialization and personal growth. I applied because I had heard that GIC is a great company to work for, and after going through the entire interview process, I was completely convinced. 

An ideal employer respects its employees as individuals and provides a nurturing environment that prioritises mentorship and growth. The stakeholders I have had the privilege of working with have consistently shown respect, intelligence, and genuine care. Despite being junior, colleagues frequently encourage me to express my opinions and actively welcome constructive debates. Moreover, I often get the impression that my trusted stakeholders not only value my contributions to the work but also genuinely care about my personal and professional development.  

What does your typical workday look like?

I love the variety that comes with my workday, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy my role so much! When I work from home, I start my day with a cup of my homemade oat cold brew. Throughout the day, I might be working on visualisations in Tableau or preparing a deck of data-driven insights for key stakeholders. 

If my team is working in the office, we make it a point to go out for lunch together, which is a highlight of my day. After work, I like to attend my spin class to unwind and stay active before having a quick dinner and relaxing for the evening.

What do you like most about working here?

I enjoy solving complex technical problems and finding the best-fit solutions. My team is filled with individuals from various fields of expertise, and there is a collaborative culture of knowledge-sharing which I really appreciate. Being in a newly set up team, we are in the process of getting the foundation set up such as designing our databases from scratch, adopting productivity tools for coding, and establishing good documentation practices. While this can be frustrating at times, it is also extremely rewarding to see the things you built from the ground up come to life! 

I also work on a lot of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) projects, specifically looking at how we can use data and insights to drive our DE&I goals and hold the business accountable. For example, I conducted a study on how the words and tone adopted in GIC’s job descriptions could impact the gender ratio of potential applicants, and suggested ways we could work towards a more gender-balanced application slate. DE&I has always been close to my heart, and I feel a keen sense of purpose when the insights we provide make a difference in the policies we make.

How would you describe the learning & development culture at GIC?

In 2016, I was awarded the GIC Scholarship and have been working in GIC ever since completing my full-time studies. The company culture is one that prioritises investing in its employees’ success, and I have been fortunate to have a manager who encourages growth by allowing me to learn new skills and experiment with innovative technologies that will benefit my career. I am eager to expand my analytics capabilities even further and am grateful for the numerous opportunities to do so here at GIC. 

One such opportunity was joining the Data Science Team in Technology Group for six months to broaden and deepen my exposure to technology in GIC. Through this experience, I have not only gained technical know-hows, but can also have a better appreciation for the complexities involved in designing and building an application. I am immensely grateful for the chance to contribute to building data science applications that will improve productivity in GIC.

What you should know before joining GIC

To learn more about GIC and its culture, consider speaking with current employees. Additionally, it is important to research the fields you are interested in and be prepared to articulate and demonstrate your interests during the interview.