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George is the Head of INFRA in Europe and a member of the Global Leadership Group. In Infrastructure, the team invests into infrastructure companies with stable and predictable cash flows, long-term inflation protection and reasonable risk-adjusted returns. Together with his team in London, they are always on the lookout for good infrastructure investments. He also helps to lead the broader team in London office across all the different investment activities and support functions.  

Outside of work, you will usually find George cycling around the North Downs in the South of England!

Why did you decide to join GIC?

What attracts me the most is that GIC’s long term vision is a good fit for investing in infrastructure, as it generates returns over multiple decades.

What does your typical workday look like?

Each day is quite varied, meeting with investment partners and potential investee companies. I am also part of the global investment committee that meets weekly to approve new investments. I sit on several boards of our portfolio companies and that requires meetings with our fellow shareholders and management teams.  

What is your perception of GIC before joining and has it changed?

My impression of GIC was of a blue-chip organisation, with a long-term vision to build a portfolio that is for the benefit of future generations of Singaporeans. My impression of GIC was enhanced after I have joined as the organization is highly regarded by the people of Singapore.  

GIC is very thoughtful in its approach to all aspects of the business, and it is particularly focused on setting a long-term strategy and vision for the successful development of the organisation.

What has been the most interesting or exciting project you have worked on?

The take-private of Associated British Ports when I first joined GIC in 2006 was quite eye-opening for the scale of the transaction and the opportunity to work with several new partners and advisors. Thanks to the hard work and support of many departments internally, it was a huge team effort! 

What you should know before joining GIC

Be curious. We like to dig into problems and not just look at issues superficially. Be prepared to be challenged and support your views.  

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